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The Darker Side of Our Love for Technology

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By Faiza Abbas 

Our love of technology is draining the love of every other good thing from our lives, unfortunately!

It’s just about the last week when I, with my friends were studying together that we felt hunger and wanted to snack on something yummy. Obviously, we ordered pizza and drink and had a great meal. So here we are, problem solved!
After a much heated argument of somewhat two hours, I and my friends finally decided to stay at home and watch a horror, instead of visiting the cinema as we all are too tired to get ready and go outside. Hence, this is how we spent our last weekend.
Skype and other video-calling apps come in handy for people like us who don’t like to get up to meet our friends, physically, rather chatting up with them within the comforts of home. After all, who has got all that energy to hit the road, eh?
There are so many examples like that which signal at only one point in question; is technology our friend or frenemy?
It is a known fact that technology has made everyone’s lives super-fast, super convenient and yet, super lazy too. The activities, games and outdoor endeavors, which were once enjoyed by people, are now considered almost useless, as technology has replaced them completely. We now tend to rely on technology for all the purposes in our lives. You want food, order it online, you want to shop, buy it online, you want to cheer up, enjoy a movie or a game at your laptop, and the list goes on.
We think that this extraordinary convenience of ordering anything we like at our fingertips have simplified our lives, but in reality and sadly, it has complicated our lives. I am not only referring to the health issues, which are increasing with the high level of fast food consumption, but there are also other points of concerns worth-considering. Since we have become way too digital every day, we have started to lose many valuable things, and the most of which is our ‘time’. Just try to calculate how many hours do you spend scrolling down your Facebook feed, or Instagram or Twitter homepage?
Our life-saving mobile phones are actually the life- ruining objects, converting us into some sort of impotent, good-for-nothing human beings. We get everything on the table without much efforts, and if we don’t, due to some reason, we start arguing that how this electronic mess has screwed up because we can’t imagine living a day without it. If one technology fails today, the tech experts set to come up with another tomorrow. There were only a few apps active within last decade, however, the number of apps with new ideas and concepts has now surpassed to a large extent surprisingly, all of which are competing with each other to get drawn into people’s lives as intensively as possible.

Our social media pages have taken off our privacy almost entirely. You want to get an idea of somebody, visit his/her fb page. Our minds have become so slow and feeble that we can’t do a simple math mentally, but why bother, use calculator! If ride-hailing services are providing all the transport facilities and conveniences, yet there are a lot of grave cases such as robbery and kidnapping, happening around. If games are providing fun and entertainment to kids, they are killing their basic, cognitive abilities at the same time. If crime and action movies are attracting us, filling our time with thrill and excitement, they are also prompting violence and vulgarity in the society. We don’t value the lives of humans as much as we did before. After all, we are accustomed to hearing such news like eighty people are killed during this or that incident or seventeen people are missing or kidnapped, and so on so forth.
Industries have not done lesser damage either. We are now badly deprived of pollution-free air. Sea life is also not quite save from us humans. The industrial effluent has caused lethal consequences for both marine and terrestrial life. Even when it comes to food, we are not sure of having genuine food in our plates. Companies are now brilliantly producing fake and artificial food items through their high-tech machines and technology.
Now, there’s one thing I need to ask you. Do you think we are the happiest generation on earth with all the ease and comforts at our disposal? Are we just satisfied with the way of this modern- technology-driven life?
Just like the way we have embraced the brighter side of technology, we should also own up the bitter truth that somehow we are responsible of putting our planet, ourselves and our coming generation into a great debacle of technology. If we don’t save ourselves from the darker side of technology today, deal with its drawbacks wisely, and stop becoming its blind lover, we will certainly have to face the music in the near future!
Now, turn your device off, because you really need to spend a day or two in a technology-free environment.
Happy living!


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